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What Is Colic

Assalamua'laikum.. Alhamdulillah tq for reading my entry.. 2days ago i wrote about how you can soothen ur colicky baby. Having a baby with colic is actually not easy. Often mom or dad lost their temper just because of tired hearing ur baby crying. Ok before i go on much futher, lemme explain to u what is colic.

Colic  is a very mysterious,i can say behaviour, that makes baby cry withour stop for about more than 3hours per day, no specific time of crying or specific reason and will make baby's stomach bloated just because when they keep on crying without stop, they will tend to gulp air into stomach. It was also mentioned by Harvey Karp, MD, creator of the DVD and book, The Happiest Baby on the Block.
"It's not really a diagnosis; it's a behavioral observation," 

What are the symptoms of colic?

As parents, u must identify what cause ur baby to cry. If their diapers area clean, clothes are not wet, well fed, no fever, no itchyness, not cold then u must be facing a colic baby.
  • Intense crying - the baby cries intensely and furiously, and there is not much the parents can do to comfort him/her. The baby's face will become red and flushed. Crying episodes tend to occur at the same time every day - generally during the late afternoon or evening. Episodes may last from a few minutes to much longer periods. Crying usually starts suddenly and for no apparent reason. But the are also a few babies that will cry non stop without any reason at different time.

  • Baby's posture - fists may be clenched, tensed abdominal muscles, knees drawn up, and the back arched.

  • Sleeping - sleep may be irregular and interrupted with episodes of crying.

  • Feeding - feeding may also be interrupted and irregular with episodes of intense crying. However, the amount the baby eats each day is not reduced.

  • Wind - during episodes of intense crying the baby may pass wind.

  • Varying intensities - with some babies symptoms are mild and the baby may only experience periods of restlessness.
Medical reports shown that both breastfeeding and formula babies are equaly have colic. So they are no such thing as baby cant handle ur milk and makes ur baby colic. Because symptoms of lactose intolerence and milk allergy have different symptom as colic baby. If u are not able to identify which or what is ur baby's facing, write down on a book to identify baby's crying time, what purpose, list down lists that u have done to check on ur baby.

Colic is not a sign saying that ur baby is in pain or sick, although they commonly show sign as if they are in pain, clenches her body, pull her legs up and scream till their face turn green like hulk haha. "Bad stomach pain doesn't go away when you dance, turn on the hair dryer, or go for a car ride," Dr. Karp says. "So if your child gets better, you know it's not gas or pain."

What Causes COLIC?

Honestly, I have seen a few doctors and paed to know what actually caused COLICKY babies. But the answer is REMAINS a MYSTERY and UNKNOWN. I remembered one doctor i met when my second dotter non stop crying from 11pm till 1am in the morning. He said, some babies they will have colic if among the family members are smoker. But there are no medically proven on the statement but only based on a few tests. 

Some doctors also said colic babies are trying to adapt with the new environment after being for so long and comfort in their mommy's womb. Some doctors view it as a natural developmental stage that babies can go through as they adjust to all the different sensations and experiences that come with life outside the womb. (Dr. Karp calls this "the fourth trimester.") Others attribute it to an imbalance of bacteria in the gut.

There are also some doctors assumed that colic baby is actually just very fussy with everything. That is why some doctors will simply give medicine such as COLIMIX to a baby so that the baby will sleep and eventually when they sleep they will stop crying, right? But for how long do u want to give ur baby medicine at early age? how much STEROID will be in ur baby's body? Even myself when doctor gave me COLIMIC i never think correctly. But after seeing how my baby keep on sleeping as if she is actually drowsy not sleepy, I stop giving COLIMIX. 

That's all from me now. I hope with a bit of information about colicky baby, somehow will help every parents that face the same problem. What ever it is, being patient with ur baby is very important. For Muslims, Take A deep breath, go and take AIR WUDUK, recite doa, or read Quran. Eventually it really works for me. Untill we meet again in my next entry, Insyallah. Thank you for ur time reading my entry. Assalamua'laikum.

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