Sunday, 21 December 2014

How To Control Colicky Babies

Assalamua'laikum.. Being a mother is not easy especially when it comes to our baby that always get colic. I Remember that my second daughter have the worse situation of COLIC whereby doctors dont know what to do, they gave her COLIMIX.

After several times of facing a very serious moment of my baby having COLIC, i have discover that there are a few remedies that i can use to soothen COLICKY BABIES. May my information will help all moms that face the same situation as mine. 

1. Dont Overfeed
It is very common when our baby cry out loud, panicked moms will tend to feed the baby more milk. Actually this will make our baby more worse in PAIN. Just follow baby's regular feeding time and measure the amount of milk taken by baby.

2. Shifting and Cooing
There Are no medically proven on this method but i have tried to use this remedies for my second daughter and it just work. Eventually rhythmic, steady rocking motion and continue shifting position till baby gets more comfortable and stop crying. For my second dotter, i have to use a cradle to put her to sleep and to comfort her when she gets colic, and a bit of singing to help her calm down. (although i hate singin but because of her, i sang) haha

3. Swaddling
Do you know that by wrapping ur baby when she gets colic will make her feel comfortable as if she is still in ur womb? What u can do is to wrap ur baby snug enough so that ur baby cant wringle the limbs free. 

4. Burping
A very common to do after feeding our baby. but when it comes to colic, crying baby will make more air gulp down into stomach, causing stomach discomfort, and gassy. So to release the trapped air, turn ur baby on the back and slowly burb her by tapping her back until u hear the burping.

5. Sling and Work
It is very hard to do work with ur baby with u. but amazingly, this method seems to work. Nowdays u can just buy any sling or baby carrier and carry ur baby while do ur work. Trust me, ur baby will feel more comfortable when with u.

Handling a colic baby is not easy. My second dotter always keep on crying for hours without stop and i cant do any work at all as she just want me to cuddle her and sang her lullaby. What i did if more than 2hours standing and singing? Well, I will call my mum or husband to help me take my baby and try to comfort her. I wont be in the same room with my dotter. I will eat, cleaning up, Relaxing on the sofa and do whatever that i think i wanna do. Eventually, i dunno why, it works and my baby will go to sleep and stop crying!!!

If u think that u cant handle ur baby anymore and the colic is worsen, the last thing to do is bring ur baby to a doctor, a PAEDIATRICIAN. Before that, do some homework. How frequent Ur baby crying, What is ur method to soothen ur baby's crying, and does it work, ur baby's feeding schedule and diet, and question for the doctor.

8. Gripe Water
SOmehow giving Gripe Water to a colic baby will help to soothen ur baby's colic. but after giving gripe water, u have to make sure to burp ur baby. u can see after giving it, ur baby will vomit a bit. Thats good for ur baby but make sure she stop vomitting.

9. Massage Ur Baby
Do U know that giving a calm and soft massage to ur baby will help to make ur baby comfortable and stop crying? It is proven to my own baby when she cried out of loud, i will take baby's oil (calming oil) and pour a bit on my baby's body and massage slowly. Eventually it help to calm my baby and she can easily be handle and HUNGRY!! hehe

These TIPS are my most common used when my second baby was born and having COLIC. I dont get enough Sleep at night, i dont easily get to eat, and i cant enjoy my bath.. hehe.. I hope that by doing these method, eventually will help to soothen ur baby's colic... Dont forget to get enough supplement for urself to help energize ur body so that u can look after ur baby. Thank You For Ur Time.


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