Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to increase breastmillk

Assalamua'laikum... greetings. My name is Siti Emylia. I am a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Currently my 1st dotter is 5years old n my 2nd going to be 4years old this december.

Today actually i just wanna share a few advise u may use to increase ur breastmilk. I know its not easy to breastfeed ur child but if others can do it, so do u...

For info, my 2nd child is stilll breastfeeding  although she's goin to be 4years old.. hehe. I hav been breastfed since 5years ago without stop n been pregnant twice.. lactating n pregnant... its not easy.. but when there's a will, there's always a way..

Ok enuf with my story. Lets get goin to the topic.. there are a few steps u can use and follow to increase ur breastmilk.

1) take a teaspoon of black cumin or scietific name called nigella sativa (jintan hitam) and boil it in a 2cups of water. Once it is boil, drink the water whenever u feel thirsty. Black cumin however will help to increase the production of ur breast milk.

2) The chinese believe that by drinking boiled red dates may increase ur milk production. Same concept as the black cumin, u may also do the same thing to red dates and try to take it warm frequently.

3) When my sister gave birth the 1st dotter, she was not able to breastfeed her baby. I took over the mom's role for only about 3months plus. Then when my sister got her 2nd baby, she tried to fully breastfeed her baby. Sadly her milk was not enough for her baby. So my mom cooked for her banana flower and when she ate it, her milk production increased. She manage to direct feed and pump her milk for storage too. U can also try to do the same thing as my sister did. Just cook wit a bit of water will do.

4) Some said that by eating pumpkin can stimulate the production of ur breastmilk. U can also try this method. Very easy. Just cook the pumpkin in which ever way u prefer and take it as frequent as u want.

5) apart from eating, u can also try to massage ur breast. Some said that massaging ur breast will make your milk production increase because our milk is made from blood. So when our blood flows perfectly, it will automatically helps to improve milk production.

There are a few more steps to improve the quantity of ur breastmilk. I will get it back to u soon once i edit my blog. Whenever u feel that u want to fully breastfeed ur child, u should just go for it. Get support from ur husband and families. Read a lot about the benefit of breastfeed and how to increase the amount of ur milk especially if u feel like making stocks for ur child. U should just try the methods that are given and u will figure out which methods are the best for u.

I choose to continue taking Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) and Alfalfa from shaklee to help me breastfeed both my dotters. If u are planning to breastfeed ur kids, make sure u bare in ur mind what is the main reason to breastfeed. As for myself, i want my babies to have sufficient nutrition for their growth..

If u have any enquiry, u may message me or call me or whatsapp me at 0143643214..


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